Judy Horacek is an Australian cartoonist, artist, writer and children’s book creator. Her cartoons have been pinned up on doors and walls all over the world. She is also sometimes a visiting artist for school children and an after-dinner speaker for grownups. more »

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Summertime and the cartoons are breezy…

Well not breezy exactly, but I couldn’t say ‘easy’ because that’s even less true, as are all the other rhymes I could think of.  Yes it’s summer here in the Southern Hemisphere, and once again I have the great good fortune of filling in on the Letters Page in the Age for a couple of the regular cartoon chaps who … more »

On receiving your new book in the post…

I find it a funny thing, getting the advance copies of a new book.  Sometimes I tear off the wrapping straight away, terribly excited to see the final product.  Other times I leave it sitting there in its wrappings, too fearful to open it. I’m not quite sure what I’m scared off, any book goes through so many stages and … more »

Where is the Treasure Sheep?

When I was in Canberra last week doing the final little things on the new edition of my cartoon book, I am woman, hear me draw with the National Museum, I also had the chance to go to the National Library of Australia to visit the amazing Treasures exhibition, full of treasures from their collection – original manuscripts, photos, ephemera. … more »


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